Beyond flat design

For the past three years, the world of interface design has gotten flatter and flatter. Bevels, drop shadows, gradients and photo textures have gotten dumped in favor of bold colors and clean lines. For good or ill, this is a trend that is not going anywhere soon. Where did flat come from When people’s attention […]

Its Time To ‘Face’ the Facts of Social Media

It goes without saying any more that your business should be connecting with customers and prospects on-line, but its difficult for people to connect with a corporate entity or make friends with a logo. So how can your business leverage the power of social media and build stronger customer relations? Put a face on it. […]

To thine own self be… flawsome?

In our hyper-connected media age its nearly impossible for anyone to keeps secrets– just ask Beyoncé or Mitt Romney’s fundraising team. There is a growing movement in corporate communications to let your customers see your whole personality — warts and all– and humanize your image. Marketing media is no longer a one-way channel, customers can […]

From Ambush to Ambient to Ambiguity

One of the more ubiquitous things hanging around the necks of Olympic athletes — far more than the coveted metallic medals — were the brightly colored Beats headphones from Doctor Dre. It might not have struck you as that strange. Athletes are allowed to block out distractions and focus on their upcoming performances, unless you […]

CCC gives customers a hand

When CCC Information Services invited a group of their most influential customers to get a sneak peak at the company’s new offerings they wanted to make a splash. Taking a page from the products advanced mobility features, we turned a giant wraparound screen into a ‘touch-screen’, with oversized fingertips swiping, scrolling and flicking through some […]

SFSPac does lunchroom duty

Part of SFSPac’s sales strategy is to provide end-to-end service to their education customers when it comes to keeping their kitchens clean. To that end we created a comprehensive library of tutorial videos covering everything from cleaning heavy equipment to labeling containers. To hold the viewer’s interest we kept these tutorials short, and maintained the […]

Nearly 80% of you will never read this message

With everything from social networking to mobile messaging grabbing the marketing spotlight, less attention is being paid to email as a means of connecting with customers and building business. Even though more than eight in ten of business use email marketing more than 160 commercial emails are launched each year, are any of them doing […]

Facebook: Hitting the Fans

“We’ve got to be doing social media!” is a cry going up by marketers across the country. As media habits change, companies are getting desperate to engage customers and create loyalty. They follow the eyeballs and jump into the latest trends for fear that their competitors will get there first. What are they getting out […]

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