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CCC gives customers a hand

When CCC Information Services invited a group of their most influential customers to get a sneak peak at the company’s new offerings they wanted to make a splash. Taking a page from the products advanced mobility features, we turned a giant wraparound screen into a ‘touch-screen’, with oversized fingertips swiping, scrolling and flicking through some […]


SFSPac does lunchroom duty

Part of SFSPac’s sales strategy is to provide end-to-end service to their education customers when it comes to keeping their kitchens clean. To that end we created a comprehensive library of tutorial videos covering everything from cleaning heavy equipment to labeling containers. To hold the viewer’s interest we kept these tutorials short, and maintained the […]

Gatefeed delivers confidence in print

When online contractor training company set out to expand their customer base, they needed to project of image of stability and security.  We created a folder and series of leave-behinds that showcased the companies offerings– from computer-based safety training to drug screening and background checks– in a way that embraced the technology while calming any […]

Bookwallah exports imagination

The Bookwallah organizationis trying to build and maintain libraries in orphanages  in developing countries around the world. But before they can do any of that they need to raise money. Working with the founders, the created an identity that was clean, professional and flexible across a number of media; but also reflected the endergy and […]

20-20 maintains style across markets

The challenge for 20-20 was to create an ad structure that worked for a number of audiences in the many different markets that this international software company creates solutions for.

IBM Healthcare lets customers do the talking

Rather than fill the screen with executives and developers talking about the promise of IBM’s healthcare solutions, we chose to tell the story strictly from the user’s point of view, in this case UMass Medical Healthcare. In this quick video we hear from management, IT and medical staff about a specific and credible success. Very […]

WiseWindow defies social convention

Social media is one of the biggest buzzwords in business today, and many businesses can track what is being said. WiseWindow goes a step further to analyze the context of these online ‘conversations’ to get a true picture of how you are being perceived and even anticipate shifts in this perception. In creating the interface […]

Elisa K. Spain inspires business into action

Business consultant and coach Elisa Spain wanted to her site to connect with her clients and create a dialog. She also wanted something she could update herself that did not involve a lot of ongoing support. We built a WordPress-driven site that empowers communication without unnecessary complication.

Whirli-Gig tries teaching pet tricks

In an effort to reach out to the growing segment of pet care businesses we created this fun quiz combine advertising terms and troublesome pets. We wanted to show that you did not have to be a promotional expert, you just needed to know one– us. Try the quiz for yourself here.

CCC customizes auto solutions

To highlight the highly customizable features of the CCC ONE solution for auto repair facilities, we created this personalized interface that allowed users to find answers to their specific issues. On-screen video summaries help explain solutions and offer guidance.

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